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That was decent.

You sir is a true genius.

If you are reading this, for the sake of god, please make a website and show tutorials on how you make your animation(s), the smoothness, the frame by frames, special effects, the complicated play bar, and everything else. heck release even a book, this is exactly the kind of animation I would like to achieve. 5/5

That was good.

I remember seeing some clip of this way long ago like a yr or 2 ... it started from the bit where the dead body with no head leaning agaisnt car ... and the women taking cover... was that stolen?
Anyway I expect it to be good because ever since then not more then 2mins more animation is added taking alot of time probably be forever by the time you finish first ep.

RobsH66 responds:

Yes it was. I really wish I could figure out who did it... if anyone has any info please send it my way.

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Overall, Nice.

Graphics: OK, nice thin lined drawings, a little wrong and weird in some places but overall the characters look the same.

Style: Not the 1st to do Sim dating, However the fact it was naruto and it was based on the female side of the story was somewhat original.

Sound: Nice, quality, orignal sound tracks from the series, However very repetive... still suffering a headace.

Violence: Yes there are battles, no there is no animation? forgot about the Blood and Bruises!

Interactivity: 80% of time i was clicking, 7% i was reading 3% i was watching.

Humor: LMAO on the last scene, dude was that actually ment to be funny? I just thought the whole thing went well Wrong.

Overall: Yea it was a decent game to take hmm 25mins of my life, however there are very obvious tracing going on, you can see the differece in graphics when its something seen on the anime, and then something u animated, Such as the sex scene and Kissing, they are pretty lame, maybe rework them.


Nah i didnt like it plus it was wayyy to easy i finished game without losing 1 ball life... you know how? i just right clicked and press play for all lvls :P <<< Pro

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Way to boring

Man this kinda sucked... some hardcore Action scrips.. a few drawings and scenes... and a boring storyline and gameplay... no real animation = a dull flash

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